Electricity energy distributor on contactless cards

  • Integrated electricity access and usage control,
  • Comfortable wireless cards system,
  • Up to 4 users connected at one time,
  • Signaling occupied nests using LEDs



This system is designed for public energy consumption by persons which have bought cards with saved kWh units

After applying card and log-in to module , customer can use electric energy. System solution allows by means of one card log-in in different points where switchgears like this are installed. It can be used for example in social flats , in every place where is problem with settlement in common locals for example laundries, hallways. Also destined for campings, parkings, it can be used to build instalation web for cars charging either.


  • security payments
  • payment in advance
  • lower costs for customer service
  • possibility to connect 4 devices

Prepaid set consist:

  • Distributor with 4 sockets
  • Proximity cards set