Prepaid electricity meter on codes

● Secured payments

● Prepayments

● Low maintenance costs

● Possibility to run an additional debit for the recipient

● Software adaptable to the customer’s needs



The set is dedicated for measuring the electrical power consumption and features a prepayment system. The prepaid system allows the user to control the electricity consumption payments. The system issues six-digit codes to the user, each code allowing to use a predefined amount of electrical power (kWh) (the value of the electrical power is determined by the administrator or electrical power supplier). As soon as the prepaid amount of electricity is consumed, access to electrical power is cut off.  In order to get back access to electrical power, the user must enter another code provided by the administrator.The control unit’s memory has been programmed to receive 700 consecutive codes.

This solution is particularly useful for rented properties and housing communities, i.e. anywhere where default-of-payment problems may occur.