Wireless prepaid system for water

  • Wireless water access and usage control,
  • System based on special codes,
  • Comfortable styling,
  • Works with popular water meters (with pulses output)


System for water in wireless version. It is designed to account water consumption with the prepaid system function. The system is very easy to use, works on a principle similar to recharge the phone. Thanks to the codes system owner controls the payment for water consumption. This system works by issuing to the user by the administrator, 6 digit code, Each code allows you to use a certain amount m3 (the amount the administrator sets).

If the charge will be used, access to water is cut off.

To get the access again the user must enter the next code, which buys from the administrator.

Advantages :

  • Wireless communication between central controller and controlling module
  • safety payment
  • payment in advance
  • lower operation cost

Prepaid set consist:

  • Central controller
  • Controlling module
  • Water meter with pulse transmitter
  • Electroball valve

System is powered by battery. The usage of IVP secure current payment and can download arrears from customers